Each wedding is a unique event. That is the reason why the selection of a photographer is not as simple as it may seem.

The subject of photography is not a trifle since these images will be the only tangible memories you will keep during many years, once the day is passed.

And so, when I first meet a new couple, I invariably give them the same piece of advice: “Choose your photographer carefully. You have to like his work, for obvious reasons, and feel good with him, really confident, because he will follow you everywhere during all your great day. If you feel awkward in his presence, you will not look relaxed and radiant on your photos”. It is a sine qua non for success, to ensure that your photos will really be the most beautiful, a reflection of great memories which will fill you with joy during many years.

A good preparation is paramount; in my experience, it even represents half of the effort. A number of meetings will be organized (in person, by phone or Skype), and we will have as many as needed.

During your special day, I will endeavor to make myself as discreet as possible while always being at your side to immortalize each significant event, each tender or funny moment.

Afterwards, all your pictures will be carefully corrected and perfected to show you at your best while faithfully recreating every happening of this most important event.